Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dead Dog Creek 2013 - Keith Kibler - Full Story

Posted on June 25, 2013 by Keith Kibler

This is the closest ride to our little farm. It is listed as being in Kinmundy but is really near Salem IL. Actually the ride is at Omega. Omega is “town” of about 20 people and a country store that has good ice cream, beer on Sunday and electronic gambling. We have competed there many times. By that I mean Dead Dog Creak, not at the store. Only once has mud not been a part of the ride. The mud has been so bad in the past that the following is all true:

1. The co race director face planted into a mud hole one year at speed. I seem to remember he won the 50 but the back of his head was the only thing not covered in mud.

2. The course became so wet and muddy after a night time of rain, that it was changed to a road ride. One of our twh mares, Kate , won that ride but I really dislike riding on roads.

3. I rolled a saddle one year climbing a muddy hill in the rain and slid down the hill on back in the mud.

4, They moved the ride from May to June to avoid the rain and resulting mud.

It did not work, the rain and mud found the Dead Dog Creek Ride anyway...

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