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The 58th Running Of The Tevis Cup ~ Volunteering Is REALLY As Good As Riding!!! - Diana Hiesalu-Bain

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July 22 2013

So I'm laying here on the bed with a small glass of wine & Tirzah at my feet formulating in my mind the last 2 days of my life and how I want to post. I know if I drink any more wine, I will be pretty useless for the remainder of the night and it's only 6:04 pm. Blogging will then wait til tomorrow if I fill up the glass again as that is a fact.

I'm not sure how to write what an incredible experience I had without sounding trite. I found myself flying between a huge smile on my face, to tearing up at horses and people, to laughing uncontrollably because I was blessed to get the best vet on earth to scribe for. And, I don't say this lightly, because any vet here at this 58th Running of the Tevis Cup would have been the best vet on earth. I just think Carter and I were like a 7 & 7 (and don't ask me who was the Seagrams 7...) Or a wild ride thru the Granite Chief Wilderness on an perfectly trained arabian. No, ya'll ~ a crazy arabian that you just had to love no matter how crazy the horse was or how fast and reckless you were going.... It was just so frickin' fun I am probably going to go into a serious depression this week coming up. I am planning on riding again next year with Aura, but the next time I don't ride, I want to scribe again for my vet.

Friday I drove by myself to Robie Park to help Dr. Carter Hounsel DVM (Texas) vet in the entries of the ride. I had no idea who he was and the thought crossed my mind to google him so I could "pre-warn" myself. From Truckee, I took "Road 6" into Robie Park which isn't the road of choice anymore, but it's the road I love. Because I love to drive fast-ish on dirt roads and no one was around, I eventually came up to a little car that was driving about 8 miles an hour. There was an older man in the car with a cowboy hat and I was sure that was my vet, but I didn't ask as he let me pass him. Then I remembered my vet didn't have his own rental and I was not only his scribe, but his transport for the weekend. (I offered.)

I got to Robie, and found my vet group and waited. We had several vets there, and several from out of the state including Australia who was the Head Vet for "The Quilty", Australian's version of the Tevis. The cowboy hatted vet was there who was Dr. Jim Baldwin from Oklahoma and his scribe was nowhere to be seen. My vet was nowhere to be seen also and Jim said he had breakfast with my vet and another vet and they spent the whole meal trying to google where Robie was at, rather than following Dr. Baldwin...

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