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Delights and Delirium: Mendocino Magic 2013 - Redheaded Endurance

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August 27 2013

To begin at the beginning, last Thursday Scrappy and I did our toe touches and neck stretches, loaded up in the packed truck and trailer, and hit the road for a 5 hr drive over to the coast to the 2 day, Mendocino Magic endurance ride.

We had a relatively uneventful drive, in that my truck and trailer performed fine, but we were following J over and her rig and her parent's had a bit of passing trouble. Still we all arrived Thursday afternoon at various times and settled in.

I grew up in the area this ride is held and made plans ahead of time to meet family. J and co were kind enough to Scrappy-sit for me so that I could dash out Thursday night, shower at my brother's so I didn't kill my very horse-allergic sister, and meet the family in town for dinner. Everyone was very tired but we chatted and stared off into space companionably and were all off to our various bed's before long.

Friday there were the usual rounds of socializing, eating, drinking, and repeat. Plus J and I went for a short ride, and my mom showed up to visit later!...

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