Friday, February 07, 2014

Broxton Bridge - Heather Reynolds - Full Story

Thursday, 06 February 2014

Pictured above: Chanses winning the 3* 100/160km

Jeremy and I did our usual booting ritual. We booted up all 5 horses that we were taking to Broxton Bridge, except Mo who was still wearing his boots from Gator Run. We did our booting effort on Monday as we were planning to drive on Wed. The weather was pretty cold as we glued all the guys up. Wed it was suppossed to rain all day so we were glad to be doing this and getting it done while it was dry out.

As we were booting the horses with their Easyboot Glue Ons we got a call from the ride manager. It was now official that no one should drive to the race on Wed as there were ice storms and really hazardous driving conditions. Oh boy. Well that bought us a free night and a spare day:)

On Wed evening I drove Cleo over to Lisanne's. She would drive to the race with her. Our trailer was full and Lisanne was awesome to be our overflow. We gave her the best one to not have any hassles, although none are a hassle:)

On Thursday morning just before we left, Wendy came over to fit my Reactor Panel saddle to Chanses. To check this out: Originally I was not riding Chanses, Jeremy was but at the last minute I was riding him. She got the saddle fit and we caught the horses and loaded them up.

The Broxton Bridge ride was a 2 day FEI event...

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