Thursday, May 07, 2015

2015 Biltmore - Heather Reynolds - Full Story

by Heather Reynolds

May 7 2015

This year the Biltmore was absolutely beautiful. We (Jeremy) booted all four of our horses with the Easyboot Glue ons (we always use them for races) earlier in the week, before we made our drive. This year we would be taking 2 horses each so we could ride both days. Jeremy would be riding Fiddlin on the first day on his first 2* 75 mile race and Honor on the second day for another 2* 75. I would ride Errow on his first 1* 55 miler and King on his first 3* 100 miler.

We pulled out of our driveway at 7 am on Wednesday and roughly 9:30 uneventful hours later we arrived at the stunning landscapes of the Biltmore Estate. Every time we pull into this venue it amazes me how beautiful the grounds are.

We unloaded and took care of the horses. All four had traveled well and it really helped that it was pretty cold out compared to Florida! The low was calling for 37 degrees and in Florida the low had been mid 60's. After all of the horses were cared for we drove into town and had dinner with Lynn Kenelly, Sarah Engsberg and Emmett Ross. We went to a great Greek restaurant. It was a fun evening.

The next day we set up our crew area that Melody Blittersdorf had saved for us. It was perfect, Thanks Mel!! Then we spent the day in the usual, day before race fashion scurrying about. Jeremy was doing hooves for people and we also pre rode all 4 horses and checked in, vetted in and weighed in. Our friends Lynn and Mark Ashby came in that day as well as Amy Hall. The day ended with the ride briefing and off to bed.

The 2* race at the Biltmore on Friday was the Pan American and Young Riders time trial for riders wanting to make the teams. There was a great turnout for this. Our new Chef, Mark Dial and new team veterinarian Ann Christopherson were there at full attention as well...

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