Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lake Almanor/ Camp Far West - Heather Reynolds - Full Article

Sunday, 05 July 2015

The Lake Almanor ride was cancelled at the last minute and then in a mad dash, scramble it was re-established at a new location, the Camp Far West venue. Jeremy and I are staying near the Camp Far West camp so we volunteered to help mark trail so that it would eleviate some of the work load from the generous volunteers that had agreed to help host the ride.

We met up with Shawn Bowling and his friend John on the first day of marking. It was HOT and dry. We did 22 miles of the long loop and had some fun with it. When we were done we enjoyed a yummy spread of food and drinks provided by Shawn's wife, Lisa. Very much appreciated.

The next day I went without Jeremy, as he had to do a long run in preparation for his Vermont 100 mile run that is happening on July 18th. Shawn came and picked up my horse and I again. This time Nicole Chappel and I marked one loop while Jeremy Precopio and Shawn morked a different loop.

When we were done we had another Lisa meal:) Then we went over to the base camp to mark out where the FEI and AERC parking were. There were several rigs already in camp. Both days of marking trail were long, hot ones. I got home after 10 pm...

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