Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Chase Endurance: Rangers for the Day - Full Story

Chase Endurance | January 20, 2016

Our horses were already saddled and waiting for us when we arrived at the ranch around 10:00 a.m. We both noticed that they had the hard and unforgiving saddles on them. We made a mental note to pick up some heavy duty bike shorts. I was assigned to a tall, narrow bay gelding by the name of Wildfire and Jill was mounted upon a narrow bay mare named Evangeline.

We immediately became aware that we were mounted upon a much different type of horse than the day before. Although their trots were still bouncy, they had wonderful floating canters that were only interrupted by the occasional spook. We were scheduled to ride between 20 and 25 mile today. Darolyn was riding a jumpy Grulla Arab mare. This mare took every chance she could to side step a fence when the angle changed, a patch of sand appeared out of the grass or if Darolyn turned around to provide Jill and I with instruction. Wildfire was living up to his name and was enjoying jumping from here to there, but for some reason I was able to keep my seat. The Sharon Saare I was riding in today was much narrower and shorter than Comrade’s saddle. Actually, I was impressed how secure I did feel even though the leather was hardened and shined to look like (and feel like) chrome.

We took another trail around the airport. You may wonder why we keep riding around the airport, well, I’ll tell you why. There are a trusted few equestrians that are airport rangers in Texas. Darolyn is one of the airport rangers...

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