Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rainbow Rim Trail, Grand Canyon XP First Day - Karen Chaton

Karen Chaton's Story

October 9 2008

I got to ride 50 miles yesterday. It was mine and Chief’s first endurance ride in five months. Boy am I sore today, but since I knew I was taking the day off I slept in and am now slowly moving about. Some of the first riders are in - Stephanie was first with Sharon and Crockett second and third.

Grand Canyon Rim Scenery
My ride yesterday went really well overall and I had a great time. Chief was his usual enthusiastic self and we really enjoyed getting to see all of the colors and gorgeous scenery of the Grand Canyon. It’s really neat to be able to ride through thick tall forests and then peek out over the North Rim of the GC! There is quite a bit of variety of scenery on this ride. What I really enjoy the most is that there is so much singletrack forest trail. We saw several deer, but I was never quick enough to get photos of any of them.

I took a lot of photos and will get them put into an album and posted to the XP website as soon as I can. Be sure to click on these photos to enlarge them. Tomorrow the ride goes on the Eastern Rim, which is also just gorgeous.

I think the main reason I’m sore is from getting dumped early in the ride...


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