Monday, March 31, 2014

Deer, Trains, Bucking, and Bushwacking - Jennifer Allen

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I really wanted to call this post “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles,” but there were no planes and very few automobiles involved in this weekend’s workouts! Especially when compared to the amount of bucking involved.

Legs started the weekend with a 9 mile ride with Zephyr and Bannarr. Zephyr was a spooking fool, so Lori stayed back while Bannarr, Legs and I took a young rider another mile – at a lope. Hence Zephyr’s lower mileage with the same time on his conditioning log (if any of you are comparing).

Two days later I took the silly boy out again for another seven-mile jaunt. He finally gave me one of his ghastly shies; I thought I pulled a muscle and wondered how I was going to stay on, but of course he sashayed so easily back under me my muscle was fine and we were back to loping in a straight line. On the way home we had to cross a sometimes-busy road. The cars passed, I went across, another car passed without any incident, and some car with a screaming sound came by and off we crow-hopped down the hill. Legs doesn’t usually buck, but apparently he was feeling good...

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