Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lake Manchester 20km Saturday (Part One) - Mindy Nguyen - Full Story

Australian Endurance rider talks about starting out in Endurance and learning how to manage her horse to complete to win.

18 March 2014

After volunteering at the Tom Quilty I was so pumped to ride again... luckily Lake Manchester was right around the corner!

My darling Mr.T had been home for a few weeks now and doing really well with some long training rides under his shoes. I planned to do his first endurance ride as a relatively easy 20km around "The Lake" on the Saturday.

Leading up to Lake Manchester I was contacted by so many endurance people via facebook telling me that the hills at Lake Manchester were SO HUGE and it was an insanely hard ride! And that I should re-think attempting it at all!...

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