Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Death Valley Encounter 2017 - Kipling the Wonder Horse

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January 1 2018

Ride to Remember for sure

Fabulous ride. Everything went my way so the monkeys too had a nice time.Best part for me was getting to go with my girl, Ice. Mr Monkey is finally getting to ride instead of crew.

Ice is a caterpillar (gaited horse) so he got to slink along on her for 66 miles altogether. I've tried so hard to get her to play 'bounce the monkey' and though I know she tries hard, she just can't do it! She moves like a caterpillar. Oh well.(There were lots of caterpillars at this ride)

I did 155 miles altogether excluding some doubling back from getting lost on the third day.I only wanted to take the trails that led back to my gal so whenever my monkey tried to stop and read the pie plates I .....bounced.She tried to get me to stop. I stopped. I did. At every blood pie plate.BUT...I can bounce on the spot REALLY well!I'm an expert!

So armed with a GPS, map, written instructions, ribbons AND pie plates......she still got lost. A lot! She's an expert!Anyway on the fourth day she gave up the maps and stuff and just kept her eye on one big hairy moving trail marker called Crocket Dummas. Good idea I said...

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