Thursday, January 01, 1998

Ride Equipment List

I`ll be doing CFW for our first ride. Other than scoops and sponges, can you advise what else I should have on my horse (other than water, of course). I am getting into this slowly and am trying to stay away from the "trendy" stuff and buy useful things. Any suggestions would be great!

Dorothy & Elly
Taylorsville, CA

Additional things I almost always have (and have USED) on the trail

hand saw
space blanket (survival blanket)
buck knife
nail clippers
small flashlight
waterproof matches
easy stitcher awl
tough string
ziplock bags
a pen
surveyors tape
DESETIN (or another cream to help protect tack chafing)
safety pins
hair clips and bands
horse treats
band-aids/other first aid depending...

well, I tried to think of everything I take that nobody`s mentioned yet. I hope this isn`t just another repeat.

Keep in mind that I ride alone alot, and I like to be prepared for the trail exploration that I do (hence surveyors tape, etc.)

:) --Fush

Here`s my list and I don`t carry all of it all of the time, depends on the ride, the weather or my mood:

1. In competition, four water bottles (one with gatorade, one to squirt on Fleet`s neck for a cooling treat), two or three bottles if we`re just going out on our own for a training ride
2. Food for me (Cliff bar, power bar, "Gu" and dreams of big juicy hamburgers at the end of the ride)
3. Hoof pick
4. Easyboot
5. Leadrope
6. Scoop or sponge
7. Ride card!!
8. Chapstick
9. Sunblock
10. Carrots
11. Aspirin
12. Vetwrap
13. $$
14. Mylar sheet that comes in a tiny little packet for 98 cents
15. Cell phone if I`m alone
16. Bright orange poncho that comes in a little packet for 99 cents
17. Gloves
18. Knife
19. Flashlight
20. Thought of carrying an extra horseshoe but haven`t done it
21. Sunglasses
22. Camera

I know I`ve forgotten something! :-) ELECTROLYTES!!!

There was some discussion of what people carried a couple of months ago and there were some other suggestions too. You might want to check the archives.

Good luck at CFW! Sounds like a bunch of us are planning to go and will be looking for each other. As time gets closer, we`ll figure out how we`re going to find each other.


Add to you list of things to carry (and that take up no room)
1. a whistle to attract attention
2. a glow stick
3. a leather thong for repairs

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